A unique way of marking your books for lessons, chapters, or important passages... without damaging your book.

Mark Citations Without Damaging Your Valuable Book

bible sizesThe Abbott Bible Marker allows the user to mark passages in any order within the book. The clever, flexible design means you can mark passages throughout the book, putting them in numerical order, regardless of where in the book each passage occurs. This flexibility of design is incredibly useful.

Create a perfect index of any book with all numbers in plain view and correct order at all times.

Mark Citations for Later Reference

bible markerWe also offer a product that uniquely goes with the Abbott Bible Marker which we call the Abbott Citation Indicator. The Abbott Citation Indicator can be used in place of marking up a book with a highlighter, pen, pencil or any other marking instrument. Only a few minutes are required to place the indicators and transcribe notes or memos which will prove how beneficial this indicator is. They easily slide on anyone of the units your choose.

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